Football Picks Subscription

Stein's Lines is an exceptional way to get a leg up on the house when it comes to pro and college football picks. VigLine's expert handicapper, Stein, is here to help you with picks on Totals and ATS all season long. Why choose Stein? In pro basketball Stein picked an astonishing 57.62% (121-89-1) of his picks correctly and 55.23% (37-30-1) of his college basketball picks. The way this football subscription works is that Stein will post his picks for five College plays per week and five Pro Sunday (day games) plays per week. On top of that, you will have access to Stein's picks of the three Prime-Time Pro games of the week: Sunday Night, Monday Night and Thursday Night. That's a total of 13 plays per week! 

VigLine offers Stein's Lines in three ways: Weekly Membership for $9.99, Monthly Membership for $29.99 and Season Long Membership for $49.99. Upon purchase of your subscription you will gain access to the Members Only Content that features Stein's weekly picks and other useful stats and information for that week's games.

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