About Us

What is VigLine? 

VigLine is a sports lifestyle brand that believes the key to life, as in sports, is preparation. Our motto is "prepare to be lucky," and our brand strives to do just that.

Why was VigLine created?

VigLine was created by two avid sports fans to give the world a brand that encompasses everything about the lifestyle of sports. Whether it's watching a game at your local bar, betting on a game in Vegas, or playing a game of pick up ball... VigLine has you covered.

What does "VigLine" mean?
The brand name originates from the word "Vig," which refers to the commission a bookie or bookmaker takes on a sports bet. Juice, Vigorish, Vig... however you say it, we all agree with one thing: we don't like paying it to the House. Our goal is to keep you always above the VigLine.

VigLine Clothing 

VigLine features premium apparel that exudes the idea of preparation, winning and confidence. The clothing options range from comfortable branded hoodies to graphic tees that tell the world you're all about winning.

VigLine Sports Picks

What would a day be like without a little wager on the line? VigLine provides free sports picks and information for college and professional football and basketball. We do extensive research, sorting through vast amounts of stats and analysis to determine our picks.