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What's up guys, it's been a month since we launched and we would like to thank all the people who have helped us launch. We've started getting orders on our apparel and picks, and have also gained quite a large following on Stein's twitter account @vigstein.

We created VigLine because we want to share our passion for the sports lifestyle. One of our focuses is specifically sportsbook goers. As avid sports fans, there's nothing better than sitting at the sportsbook and watching a game with money on the line. Not only is our brand about the lifestyle of the sportsbook, we also want to be here to help you handicap games. Our motto is "prepare to be lucky," and our goal is to always keep you above the Vig’s bottom line.

We all know that there are plenty of sites out there that can give you days and days of statistics to sift through. But we believe that becoming a winning handicapper takes way more than stats, trends, computer rankings, etc. It is true that statistical research is very important, but that's only 50% of the equation. The other half is something way different; it's called the feel of the game. You have to understand the sport and understand the psychology that goes into each and every game. And it takes someone with years of experience in watching, playing, and studying lines of games to understand that "feel." That's why VigLine brought on Justin "Stein" Ballard, an expert handicapper who has the years of experience needed to understand the feel of the game.

Stein (Ballard's nickname for years) has over 22 years of football, basketball and baseball handicapping experience. Stein's love of handicapping games began at just 10 years of age, when his father taught him how to read spreads from the local newspaper. Stein would be tested by his father to pick winners based on a game’s spread, but not before doing extensive research on injuries, statistics and other trends. Stein has used that basis to continue to grow as a handicapper to this day, and he definitely goes by the "prepare to be lucky" motto.


Pictured Above: Justin "Stein" Ballard

"Look, I understand that statistics play a huge role in handicapping and picking winners," said Stein. "But without the 'feel' that comes from the experience of watching these games year in and year out - and understanding how teams, players, coaches, etcetera are affected by certain variables - you will lose the majority of your bets. Vegas doesn't just use numbers to determine lines, they use psychology to mess with the average bettor. I joined VigLine because I wanted to finally make my picks and analysis available to the public. I hope that my advice can help these customers break through the way they used to think about making their picks."

We offer Stein's picks in our Daily Vig5 Picks during the regular seasons of basketball, football and baseball. Those picks consist of five games that Stein sees as great opportunities to win. During playoff time, we offer packages that are a tremendous value and cover picks for EVERY GAME. Right now our Full NBA Playoffs package is $99.99 and includes a free VigLine designed t-shirt. If you break it down, that's about $2 a pick for the expert handicapping of every postseason game. Click on Game Picks in the main navigation above to purchase a package.

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Team VigLine

Team VigLine


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